Fundraising Events

Fundraising Events


AHAS Art Auction – Submit your Artwork, Sculptures or Fine Collectables!


Do you have any art or fine collectibles in storage gathering dust? Are you ready to update your art collection, and you need some room or are you downsizing? The Alberta Helping Animals Society (AHAS) charity can help with that. By making a gift of these items to AHAS, we can issue a charitable donation receipt as long as we can assess the value.

The pets of owners experiencing homelessness or poverty provide companionship and much needed emotional support to their owners. They are treasured and loved. Often these pets are their owners’ only source of comfort and companionship. AHAS believes that all pets, regardless of their owner’s financial status, deserve good quality veterinary care. When we help these animals, our community gets so much more back in return. To see the joy on a pet’s face and their tail wags and squeals when they are reunited with their owner after a much-needed surgery or treatment is heartwarming.

Now, more than ever, we rely on sponsors’ generosity to help fund our charity veterinary service so we can treat these homeless animals free of charge.

Depending on your gift’s value, we may be able to consign the gifted art or fine collectible to an auction house. If we can, we commit to getting a fair-market assessment (FMV) from an independent assessor and you will receive a donation receipt. Any gift that is not accepted by an auction house, like your Uncle Ed’s painting or a favourite but not valuable print, will be offered for sale on an online auction organized by the charity. AHAS will waste nothing. Gifts that still remain unsold after the online auction will be donated to another charity, such as Find, who supports ending homelessness.

The magic is ongoing, throughout the year the art and fine collectables are sold through various auctions. The proceeds will provide sometimes life-saving and always free of charge veterinary services to those who need them the most. Help us bring a smile to a senior’s face, a person battling addiction issues, or a person experiencing homelessness or a person with disabilities. Help us heal their best friend.

Last year alone, we helped over 1,200 pets. Most pets are leading happier, healthier and litter-free lives. They are showering their owners with love and keeping their owners entertained, active and healthy. Other pets were helped over the rainbow bridge as gently as possible. Now is your opportunity to be part of that community. The community that helps a pet that is the center of someone’s world.


View guidelines and make your submission here!


Past Events


September 21 – Color de Vino

Color de Vino wine, food, and music. What could be better?

Nora Bumanus, principal harpist for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, and her friends played some terrific pieces, Color de Vino, a fabulous wine shop, had a wonderful animal-related wine tasting, and Mill Creek Diner and Lynn Heard provided tasty treats! So many people made this an incredible evening! But who doesn’t love music, wine, and animals? We can’t thank the organizers, musicians, caterers, and attendees enough!