Summer update!

Wow, it has been much too long without a post! Here is an update:
We are busy almost every single day of the week! To protect your health and that of our wonderful volunteer professionals, we have been advised to suspend house calls, except in extreme circumstances. So we are seeing patients in our lovely clinic by appointment. Ultimately, almost everyone has managed to find a ride to the clinic and we are grateful for your efforts on behalf of your pet.
We are slowly starting up spays and neuters, dentals, and wellness appointments. For the last three and a half months, we have only seen mostly medical cases so we have a LOT of catching up to do! Please continue to be patient.
Clients are still not allowed in the building, except for certain reasons. But we talk outside and on the phone and are providing outstanding care for your pet.
Please call us at 587-338-8668 and leave a detailed message and Jackie will get back to you. Thank you so very much to Pat Lloyd who gave us a wonderful phone. Ours was dying very sadly and Pat was so kind to give us his gently used phone.
You may also email us at You may message us. If you are new to us, please check to see if you qualify for our services and complete the form here.
For your protection (and ours), we have masks for you. If you are running low, we have pet food/supplies. If you are hungry or need a break from cooking, we also have food for you. Please stay safe and healthy for your pet!

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