Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Creating opportunities for vulnerable people to access veterinary care and other services for their companion animals.

Our Vision

Health and well-being for companion animals of vulnerable people in support of the human-animal bond.

Who We Are

Alberta Helping Animals Society (AHAS) is a non-profit society, incorporated in Alberta and registered as a charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Why We Exist

Over 100,000 people in Edmonton are living in poverty and receiving social services. Some of these individuals have companion animals – most of these animals have never received veterinary care. AHAS was developed to fill this need, ensuring all individuals have access to veterinary care.

Who We Serve

Alberta Helping Animals Society serves both animals and their humans. Vulnerable individuals are particularly bonded to and rely on their companion animals for social support, companionship, and unconditional love. Ensuring the health and well-being of these animals is vital to ensuring the health and well-being of the owners, and further strengthens this very special human-animal bond.

How We Serve

AHAS Home Veterinary Services provides no-cost veterinary and other services in Edmonton to vulnerable people who are unable to access regular veterinary care.  We provide wellness exams, spay and neuter surgery, diagnosis and care for chronic illness, dentistry, palliative care, and end-of-life support.

Our services extend beyond veterinary care. We proudly support the Boyle Street Community Services Pet Food Bank with weekly donations of dog food, cat food, litter, and other pet supplies and provide food and supplies when we can from our own clinic.  We also can advise vulnerable individuals regarding behaviour, nutrition, housing and other essential resources.  Finally, we are preparing animal care seminars that will be available to the public, providing valuable information on a variety of topics concerning pet and animal care.

Who Makes It Possible

Alberta Helping Animals Society runs entirely on the generosity of donors and volunteers. Donations of supplies, money, and time are always needed and greatly appreciated.

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