AHAS Animal Care University

There is so much information on the Internet.  Lots of it is great and important information.  Lots of it is so very incorrect.  We have begun developing small courses (15 minutes each) on different aspects of animal care.

The great students in the Companion and Performance Animal Health Sciences program at the University of Alberta are helping us develop science-based content.  We originally wanted to have in person classes at our wonderful clinic but the pandemic has limited that.  So, we are going online!

Check our the very first (and not completely perfect yet) course on cat nutrition through the link here: http://www.ahas.ca/animal-care-resources/cat-care/

We need feedback!  So please email us questions, technical issues, whatever at AlbertaHelpingAnimalsSociety@gmail.com.  Please put AHAS Animal Care University in the subject line.  Enjoy!

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