WOW! Are we busy!

Terri is now working/volunteering full time Monday – Friday.  Here she is with our helpful clinic cat, Scout:

We receive over 50 phone calls, messages, Facebook messages, and emails A DAY!  Most can be handled quickly, such as putting you on the spay and neuter list or the home visit list.  Others require some discussion and several calls back and forth.  Please be patient; we are doing our absolute best to help you and your pet.  And please leave a message.  If Terri doesn’t answer, she is speaking with another wonderful client.  She will get to your message as soon as she can.

If we don’t have a volunteer to answer the phone on weekends or holidays, we put an extended absence greeting on.  If you have an urgent need, you may try to contact us through email (Contact Us) or Facebook.  Please note that we often cannot help with urgent or emergency cases at these times and the phone message provides an alternative location where you might be able to get help.


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