Veterinarian position

We are hiring a veterinarian!!!

Alberta Helping Animals Society (AHAS) is a non-profit society, incorporated in Alberta and registered as a charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency. AHAS was developed to provide access to veterinary care and animal-related advice for the companion animals of vulnerable people, defined as low income, marginally housed, disabled, or otherwise disadvantaged. Over 100,000 people in Edmonton are living in poverty and are receiving social services. Some of these people have companion animals and most of these animals have never received veterinary care.


Veterinary care for companion animals of vulnerable people in support of the human-animal bond.


Creating opportunities for vulnerable people to access veterinary care for their companion animals.

The three objectives of AHAS are:

(1) To provide veterinary care and support for the companion animals of vulnerable people. We mostly operate out of our wonderful building with exam rooms, treatment area, large surgery suite, and xray machines. We provide general veterinary services to the dogs and cats of people living in Edmonton with a very low income. Our services include wellness, internal medicine, dental surgery, spay/neuter, soft tissue surgery, diagnostics, palliative care, euthanasia. As COVID winds down, we will begin to offer some house-call services again.

(2) To assist rescue groups when we are able. This includes providing assistance and follow-up care for companion animals in rescue groups when no other alternative exists.

(3) To increase understanding of controlling companion animal overpopulation, animal wellness and care, animal behaviour, and other topics that promote the human-animal bond and the health and well-being of animals and humans. We are creating online learning opportunities and public lectures on timely topics in veterinary care. We also have begun a pet-loss support group that meets monthly.  We work with target groups to ensure the health and wellbeing of our clients and their companion animals.  

A large part of what we do is AHAS Home Veterinary Services.  We are mostly wonderful veterinary volunteers. To ensure continuity of care, we have established permanent funding for a veterinarian to provide general services three days a week with some home-based consultation. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to practice veterinary medicine unencumbered by sales and costs.  This position also provides opportunities for outstanding mentoring, research, and travel to the far north to provide veterinary care to remote communities.

Part-time hours: 20 – 30 per week. Would consider full-time as well

Salary: $50,000.00-$90,000.00 per year

Contact Connie Varnhagen,, for more information or to apply

COVID-19 considerations:
We are still curb-side and require all volunteers and staff to be vaccinated and wear supplied N95 masks